Aug 25, 2009

Amazing unassisted triple play (video)

This play by Phillies second baseman was absolutely amazing. There is not an infielder in the world, pro or amateur, that does not dream of making this exact play. It takes an amazing set of coordinated circumstances falling into place all at the same moment. The line drive close to the bag with runners going.... It is so rare, because of how much needs to fall into place for it to happen, but it happened here and was executed perfectly...


  1. Not being American, I don't really understand baseball...
    I understood one out was the catch, and the second out was the guy who was running from 1st to 2nd base whom he tagged. What was the third out?

  2. the runner running from 2nd to 3rd was caught off the bag when the ball was caught. when the second baseman stepped on 2nd base, he got that runner out ( a runner cannot run on a ball caught out, unless he tagged up, which did not happen - he would have to go back to the base, or else he will be easily tagged out, either by being tagged or the base being stepped on by a defensive player with the ball)

  3. tthey need to put some rabbi pictures on the walls in many of the ballparks around the country.

  4. I was at the game with a bunch of friends in a suite (which rocked). In the first, a friend asked if I'd rather see a triple play or a no-hitter, and I said it depends if it's unassisted or not.

    Then this happened. I still remember thinking as it happened "waitwaitwaitwasthereoneoutornone!?!?!?!?omg TRIPLE PLAY!!!"


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