Aug 2, 2009

Interesting Posts #54

1. Tzedek-Tzedek on employee rights - specifically an employee who gets abused by not being paid his salary..

2. Alleyways to Torah relates something heard from Rav Yosef Soloveitchik about the kedosha, Hadassah Levine.

3. A Mother in Israel received a Kupat Ha'Ir flier in her mailbox with a particularly inspiring story of hos someone drove 50 kmph above the speed limit but avoided getting his license suspended and a ticket simply because he promised to give a small donation of 36NIS.

4. Modern Uberdox has 34 words from Avi Shafran.

5. West Bank Mama on domestic violence in the Orthodox community.


  1. We once had a neighbor who beat his wife. We knew because we could hear it reverberate through the building walls at 2AM.

    All the neighbors did what they could (knocking on their door/calling their number) to get him to stop in the middle of an attack. It helped. Women in the building also urged her to get help or seek shelter. That didn't help so much.

    Eventually, they divorced, but not before going through several more excruciating years together at the urging of Rabbanim who thought then and still do now that it's better to keep on trying and getting beaten over and over again - even after all of the counseling sessions - than to destroy a marriage.

  2. Thank you for linking to my post.


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