Aug 25, 2009

Madoff took the fall

It turns out Bernie Madoff has terminal cancer. Meaning he had little to fear of going to jail for 150 years.

this strengthens the suspicion that he saved his kids and accomplices by taking all the blame. he knew he was going to die soon enough anyway, so why not take all the blame and let them continue living their lives without going to jail.... (I am not saying they really are guilty, but it is hard to believe he did that all on his own and nobody else was involved or knew about it)


  1. Somehow I find this idea evocative of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape... :)

  2. Although the NY Post reported this yesterday, the Bureau of Prisons put out a press release saying it's not true:

  3. Yeah, this isn't accurate. Every news station last night was reporting that this claim is false.

  4. if it's true, isn't it great? he is refusint to be a "moser", oy he must have done teshuva! someone tell vosizneis!

    ok, i'm being facetious


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