Aug 27, 2009

Email of the Day (eotd)

This email was sent (anonymously of course) to the local neighborhood email list...
I am in need of protecting a building from having access to unsecured WIFI connections from surrounding buildings.
If anyone can give me information on where to buy WIFI blockers/Jammers or how else to resolve this, I'd appreciate it.

It's not enough that he doesn't want internet access for himself (though he clearly has it as he is sending out email), but he wants to jam it for the whole building... and why would a jammer care whether it is a secured WIFI or unsecured WIFI connection? He should just put a password on his router and connection if he is worried about other people using his WIFI...


  1. Um, I think you got it wrong.

    Seems to me what he wants is to block his teenage son(s) from having unfiltered access to the neighbors' unsecured connection.

    I have a neighbor with the same problem. His network is secure. So, his son sits by the window with his laptop and uses the neighbor's unsecured connection.

  2. I was thinking that he wants to block it from a dormitory type building with lots of unsupervised teenagers.

  3. tzip - he would be blocking everybody in their own apartments form using it as well, even if that is not his intent.
    David - that would be the result for your point as well, though you very well might be right.

  4. Perhaps the best solution is for him to approach the neighbor and explain the situation and offer to help him add security to his wireless router and setup his devices to deal with that security.


  5. I'm going with someone looking to "protect" a dormitory from unsecured wifi.

  6. To Anon 6:58 - that would make sense, but assumes he knows whom the neighbor with unsecured WiFi is. You can't always tell, especially if the neighbor has not changed the SSID from its default setting.

  7. I think this is simply a case of knowing enough about computers to know to be afraid. Not knowing enough about how to resolve their fears but thinking they do.

    I know someone who suffers from this who used to delete files they didn't recognize in the root directory after learning that it was a way to attack a computer. They then complained their IT person was over charging them.

    I hope someone contacted this person to explain why their suggestion did not make any sense.

  8. Anon - To Anon 6:58 - that would make sense, but assumes he knows whom the neighbor with unsecured WiFi is. You can't always tell, especially if the neighbor has not changed the SSID from its default setting.

    This is true. Maybe he could walk around with his laptop and observe where the signal is strongest and then ask around those apartments in that area.


  9. 1. a wifi jammer only works between 10-20 meters so noone is blocking a whole building
    2. he is the head of a yeshivah and wants to block unfiltered internet into every bochers room
    3. internet jammers are illegal and can only be bought on line from companies in india or taiwan i know bec i am looking for the same thing

  10. Well, here's some suggestions from a computer professional you can offer to him or anyone who has this worry...

    #1 - Provide wifi using a white-listing (only good sites can be accessed) internet service such as Internet Rimon or Belz-Net.

    #2 - Remove all electrical outlets from the building so people can't charge their internet devices.

    #3 - Set up a router on each available channel (there's 11 I think) that's not actually connected to the internet. This will interfere with outside connections of weaker strength that are farther away.

    #4 - Send each boy through a metal detector as they enter the building. Spot and confiscate offending electronics.

    #5 - Install cameras/store security system in each room, hallway, and bathroom to monitor for offending electronics.

    #6 - Install experimental thought monitoring chips in each young man. Set alert levels for excitement level 3 - the kind of thing that forbidden music or material might generate.

    ** But definitely don't actually provide the young men with a full schedule of a variety of activities such that fallback online boredom busters would be of no interest. Rather, instruct each boy that any moment spent doing anything other than focusing upon Gemora is bittul Torah - for that certainly works for 100% of our young people.


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