Aug 31, 2009

These cardboard walls are the obstacles to peace (video)

British TV interviewed a young Israeli couple living in a tiny outpost called Ramat Migron... I am impressed with how fine a job thy did responding to the interview and not getting flustered.

(HatTip: Tzedek-Tzedek)


  1. Kol Hakavod to this young couple! Way to Go!! Sock it to Obama!

  2. What a beautiful, idealistic couple. Israel's finest youth. Compare them to what 19 year olds are doing anywhere else in the world - getting drunk, getting high, not a care for anyone else. This couple has principles and ideals that they have chosen to live by, in a tough environment. I wish them every success.

  3. B"H

    Yeah, I also thought they came off pretty well. As you know I am against PR/Hasbarah. {Who cares what the goyim think?} However, the content of what Shirah said was fairly clear and informative to those who have no clue about what's going on here, even in spite of the biased news reporters.

    I especially like how it was mentioned that she was proud of her grandparents being decorated by the Queen, that when she was in England, she felt something was missing, and that she belonged in Israel.

  4. I think they came off as not angry or militant, but a little naive.

    I wish them nothing but happiness and peace. But I hope they are so very careful in their movements there. I know the feeling that she speaks of, of something missing. Kol hakavod to her for making something about that happen.

  5. A very brave and dedicated young couple. I am not Jewish but I believe the Jews have the right to the homeland and wish them peace.


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