Aug 5, 2009

Interesting Posts #57

1. Lion of Zion has some Tu B'Av background with a nice song in honor of the day. Michael Sedley also gives a good background write-up to Tu B'av. As does The Rebbetzins Husband.

2. My friend, funny-man Benji, tried to get a date for Tu B'Av, and posted the video in his blog. It is from Tu B'Av last year, but is pretty funny so should be enjoyed this year as well. While on the topic, ask him about his circumcised dog.

3. Kaplan's Korner updates us on some Jewish ballplayers, including one that was just traded to the Chicago Cubs. Way to go! Always happy to have more Jews in Chicago (if they are not moving to Israel, that is)

4. The Way talks about the "Starving Mother" case and explains some social effects he sees coming of it.

5. Rabbi Fink eulogizes the passing of Rav Zelig Epstein... As does Not Brisker Yeshivish.

6. Mystical Paths talks about social fears and discusses various perceptions of the haredi public in society.

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