Aug 30, 2009

Turning it up a notch

I don't get it.

The Eida Haredis was worried that people had become complacent regarding the "Shabbos protests". It had already become "routine". They decided that they had to reawaken the shetach, and announced they were goign to step it up with much more protests, both in number and in actual activity.

And now they are upset and complaining that the police also stepped it up and responded in kind.

What did they expect? Only they have the "right" to turn it up a notch?


  1. aren't there some people who say the gedolim don't approve of these?

  2. Stop buying Eida!

  3. Anonymous

    The gedolim certainly dont approve, but there is here a sociological issue. In a conflict between charedim and non-charedim charedi leaders and the press will never openly criticize fellow charedim. It's just not done.
    There is here an "under siege" mentality of them against us. It's similar to the feeling of all the world being against Israel. We dont like to make concessions or self-criticize because we know that it's a matter of survival. The other side will see any concession or self-criticism as a proof of the justness of their cause, not of our openness and moderation.
    I believe something similar is at work in the charedi world. I do not expect it to change any time soon.

  4. you haven't noticed that a certain attitude of spoiled children in all of this?

  5. spoiled children - meaning the grownups don't follow their own advice so the children run wild?


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