Aug 5, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

It is a gross provocation and a project of imagination.

----- MK Ahmed Tibi

Tibi said this when asked about a new model of the Third Temple that went up in the Old City opposite Temple Mount on the top of the Aish HaTorah building.


  1. Man, that Tibi guy spends so much time getting angry about the most trivial things... I wonder how many ulcers he has...

    BTW, I assume the quote was not originally in English, because "project of imagination" is not such a cutting insult (could even be a compliment, taken out of context!) as I would have expected from him...

  2. Maybe if he gave to Kupat Ha'ir something unfortunate will happed to the model.

  3. Shaul - in Hebrew he said תוכנית דמיוני. I couldn't think of a good translation...

  4. yoni r. LOL!!


  5. Garfiled,

    Thanks. Just make sure to restrict that compliment to during the week. As they say, "yom shabbaton - ein l'shkoyach".



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