Aug 5, 2009

Horse terrorism? (video)

It is a good idea to always keep a video camera handy, to catch moments like these that are extremely rare.

I hope everybody in the car, and the horse, are ok...


  1. So you're saying that was an Arabian? :)

  2. The horse should have given to Kupat Ha'ir.

    I'm wondering why the guy in the car didn't stop when he saw three horses running at him. Did he think that they knew they were on the wrong side of the road?

  3. What do you mean? The horse did give to Kupat Ha'ir. That's why he got over the car unscathed. The guy in the is the one who should have. It would have saved him his windshield.

  4. I heard that the driver promised to give 36 shekels to Kupat Ha'ir, and Eliyahu Hanavi came and replaced his windshield for free.

  5. Only minor injuries.


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