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Aug 16, 2009

Infighting in Boro Park all over FoxNews (video)


  1. This problem has been going on for a long time already, and it is really shameful that city officials are too scared to deal with this properly.
    Who is the guy in the baseball cap? Does he work for the caterers?

  2. I live across from ANOTHER wedding hall, and it is quite disturbing. What is one to do, the young people need to get married (which many non-jews are not in a hurry to do). Families are usually large, and therefore many attendees and guests; and this creates a traffic jam, whether walking the street nearby, people who live on the block trying to find a parking place (which is nearly impossible, they have to go blocks and blocks away to park), the HONKING which to me is the most obnoxious because it really disturbs residents' peace of mind, not to mention sleep. When I was working, it was impossible to get to sleep most nights before 1-2am, and then sometimes awoken again at 5am when the mitzva tanz was over, all when I needed to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep before 6am.

    HOWEVER, the UPSIDE is that B"H we have alot of young 'couples' beginning their lives together, bringing more babies into the world, creating large warm & happy families, continuing in their avodas Hashem, a testimony to the presence of G-d in the world.

    It's true that the attitude is one of "I'll do what I want to" but that is the demeanor of the owner and manager of the place. The 53rd St Hall is truly very unmanageable and terribly disruptive to the residents in the area, and a little management would be in order.

    The best they could do is to bar (non-resident) cars on the street from 7pm to 5am, and GIVE OUT TICKETS FOR ANY AND ALL HONKING at $250 a ticket! The local police could definitely enforce that. I've seen such a sign on other streets re the honking. I think the rest could be tolerated once the cars and honking problem was eliminated.

  3. Well, this is Brooklyn, a place mostly lacking derech eretz, and it is Boro Park, maybe the place most of all lacking derech eretz.

    I grew up in Boro Park when it still had some derech eretz.


  4. This is not "infighting" it is simply bullying.

    It boggles my mind how there can be such blatant disregard for the law in frum communities...

  5. wow, no one is screaming "Moser" yet?

  6. E Fink - It boggles my mind how there can be such blatant disregard for the law in frum communities...

    Want even more boggling, check out the recent comment thread on Orthonomics where a Charedi woman is arguing that it's "sort of okay" to commit fraud to keep the Yeshivas open because we don't know the pressure they are under!!!


  7. hey, what happeneed to the video


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