Aug 26, 2009

Holy Land Hardball

"The Red Sox hadn't had a World Series in 85 years, Israel hasn't had baseball in 5000 years."

"If people would play sports... instead of fighting wars.. there would be less killing.. and more peace in the world"

"Dan may get three strikes, he can swing twice..a mohel gets only one cut" (Rabbi Paysach Krohn)

"I had no idea the enormity of the task"

"Hey Fish, the league just called. You've been traded to Egypt."

"Next time I have an idea, please tell me not to do it"

"I came back and there were ants in my bed"

Religion and State in Israel brings to our viewing pleasure a full feature length film called Holy Land Hardball for free. It is only available until August 27, so watch it now!

It is the history of how Larry Baras brought baseball to Israel, up until the first pitch of Opening Day.

Unfortunately, the league folded after one year. There is still talk, and further attempts, to re-open the league. We are waiting patiently.


  1. Thanks Rafi for getting the word out about the online version of Holy Land Hardball.

    Just by mere coincidence, my next-door neighbor - originally from Canada - played in the league that summer!

    Still hearing rumors about the new league that is getting off the ground. "We'll see..."

    Joel Katz
    Religion and State in Israel
    @religion_state on Twitter

  2. Rafi - you may not have noticed, if you watched the film, but our old friend Danny Saltzman can be seen at the 1:14:25 mark for a few seconds counting off players on the bus on the way to the first game, and then again, at 1:18:04, coming out onto the field in uniform during introductions.

  3. Ely - I didnt recognize him, though even if I bumped into him on the street I dont know that I would. I havent seen him in many many years.

  4. the movie doesn't give the real story. find out here:


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