Aug 4, 2009

Haredi Kosher Beach

Here is a funny article. In Ashdod they are considering setting up a beach that will be for haredim only. It is not enough to have a mehadrin beach where some hours/days are for men and some for women. Now they want a beach where only haredim can go swimming. (NOTE: the request to do so has been made and is being examined by the municipality - I guess for feasibility and legality issues)
In a document obtained by Yedioth Ahronoth's economic supplement, the head of the real estate division at Minrav, Chanan Bartal, writes to the manager of the economic company in Ashdod, "Following our discussion with haredi entrepreneurs and several meetings in your office, it is clear that they are interested in building a haredi resort village, but a precondition is a municipal arrangement for restricting bathing to the haredi public in the piece of shore adjacent to their plot."

How will they filter non-haredim out? What about a bathing suit gives a person away as to whether he is haredi or not? Will they just ask people who are trying to come in - Are you haredi? Will they start distributing "Haredi Membership Cards" in all haredi neighborhoods around Israel?


  1. If this passes, I'd like to see if someone could get in if he claims to be included in:
    "שמעו דבר ה', החרדים אל דברו",
    even if he doesn't identify with the customs of any chasidic court.

    I'm also wondering if you have to wear traditional chareidi garb in the water. :)

  2. I think they probably meant Mehadrin. haredi is the newspapers interpretation.

  3. Bohr,

    The article talks about "restricting bathing to the haredi public", not making the rules to be in accordance with what they want. They also quote someone who mentions "Closing the beach off to haredim" (probably means to everyone except haredim).

    I don't think a proposal to make a mehadrin beach would make the news.

  4. yoni, the article wasn't very well written. "Restricting bathing to the charedi public" means restricting access to the beach and only allowing people who are (look?) charedi to use it.

    This is very problematic because there are no such things as private beaches here.

    But I thought there was already a mehadrin beach with separate swimming?

  5. I have a huge problem with this. I have no issue with making places with different rules- if you are willing to follow the rules, feel free to come in and make use of the facilities- but I would love to see how the Hareidi public would react to something, even something in which they are totally not interested in making use of (say s museum with 'inappropriate' content) and being told it is "chilony only". Yes there are other museums open to them, but to say that if they wanted to and were willing to follow the rules they would not be welcome? They would raise total hell! Status quo and all that.

  6. never mind if it was DL or MO only!

  7. Just a bit to the South the beaches in Gaza are patrolled by police who enforce laws of modesty. I think there's a potential for a real synergy there. Such a scenario would be a win-win for the rest of us!

  8. B"H

    I have heard various things about the State's laws regarding private {membership} beaches.

    Some say it's illegal but periodically enforced.

    I'm not exactly sure how they'll get away with it anyway.

    They're gonna raise the money to keep the beach clean? Or expect the State to clean up after them.

    I have been going back to the Datti beach in Tel Aviv a lot lately, not the greatest beach, but I ave to admit it's a nice atmosphere. Sefardi, DL, Hassidim, Litvaks getting along it seems.

    It's just a quick and cheap {1.30 dollars} ride from Bnei Black, too.

    I suppose that this Ashdod campaign has communities behind it which are insulated and want to keep it that way.

    Jerusalem and Bnei Black residents are a lot more used to dealing with diverse groups different than themselves.

    So much for Ahduth Yisrael.

    Quite a few "settlers" could get away with just changing their livush. Maybe they could infiltratethe beach and "influence" the Haredi youth. Geeeeeevaaaaaaald. ;-}


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