Jun 23, 2010

Archaeological Finds in Egypt

The BBC is reporting that an ancient city has been discovered in Egypt. It has not yet been uncovered, but has been discovered by radar.

According to the BBC:

An ancient Egyptian city believed to be Avaris, the capital of the Hyksos people who ruled 3,500 years ago, has been located by radar, Egypt's culture ministry says.

A team of Austrian archaeologists used radar imaging to find the underground outlines of the city in the Nile Delta, a now densely populated area.

The Hyksos were foreign occupiers from Asia who ruled Egypt for a century.

Avaris was their summer capital, near what is now the town of Tal al-Dabaa.

The radar images show the outlines of streets and houses underneath the green farm fields and modern towns in Egypt's Delta.

Egyptian antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said in a statement that the area could be part of Avaris, the summer capital of the Hyksos who ruled Egypt from 1664-1569 BC, during the 15th Dynasty.

"The pictures taken using radar [imaging] show an underground city complete with streets, houses and tombs which gives a general overview of the urban planning of the city," Dr Hawass said in a statement.

Being that this ancient city would be from about 3500 years ago, that times it right around the time period that the Jews spent in Egypt as slaves.

As Arutz 7 says about this discovery:
The city is believed to be Avaris, the summer capital of the Hyksos people, foreign occupiers who ruled Egypt for about a century, beginning around the mid-17th century BCE. It was during that time that the Children of Israel began their sojourn in Egypt, which continued later with a “new king who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8), enslavement, and later, the miraculous Exodus.

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