Jun 23, 2010

Hakshiva, Urgent Letter

Urgent Letter to the Community

Dear Friends,

Hakshiva works with adolescents and teenagers in Ramat Bet Shemesh who are:

  • Struggling with insurmountable learning difficulties
  • Struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol
  • Struggling with the trauma of having been abused
  • Contemplating suicide
  • Engaging in self-mutilation
  • Coping with mentally ill parents

Hakshiva helps these and other teens with a consistent caring relationship that has meant the difference between success and failure and in some cases even between life and death.

With the help of the community we have created a family of support for these teens that has brought them from failure to success and from pain to joy.

Graduates of our program are currently succeeding in Yeshivas, Midrashot, army and university.

In addition Hakshiva expends tremendous resources in to helping prevent these problems from occurring. Hundreds of children from around RBS have been helped and have avoided these problems altogether thanks to Hakshiva's help. Hakshiva is supported and seeks guidance from Rabbonim across the community.

We are grateful to many of you who have donated consistently and have made Hakshiva one of their community causes. Without more people making Hakshiva one of their consistent Tzedaka causes we will be forced to cut services. More children and teens will suffer and many problems will become catastrophes. We need your continued help to stop this from happening.

Please support us generously and participate in our raffle at https://www.hakshiva.org/raffle or call the office at 077 228 5230

Tickets can also be purchased at:

  • Robert Airley Yavneh 10 Ramat Shilo
  • Esther Ofier Nachal Revivim 19
  • Suri Fingerer Nachal Dolev 4
  • Amy Gitlin Katlav 7
  • Michal Baruch Yarkon 14
  • Danielle Lieba Luz 8
  • Avram Goldstein Nachal Shimshon 16
  • Michael Schoemann Ayalon 19

Thank you for your support

Yonason Martin


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