Jun 30, 2010

Interesting Posts #172

1. Flavors in Israel has the best bourekas in Israel.

2. A Guest post on Dov Bear by a chassidishe fellow about it being time to move on

3. Lion of Zion has Shaimos Treasures

4. A new blog on the scene - this one by the Rabbi of an orthodox congregation who openly admits, albeit anonymously, that he is an atheist despite his position in the Orthodox clergy. The Orthoprax Rabbi.


  1. About #2... He doesn't say anything. Not one concrete idea in his letter; it does not make any sense. But consider the source of the post.

  2. The orthoprax rabbi (a better title would be atheist rabbi) is obviously not very clever. He is trying to remain anonymous in order he can keep his job, but he posts so many details that he is sure to give himself away.
    He mentioned a very specific sh'eila + follow up discussions with very specfic details about the congregant. He mentioned that his contract was just renewed for five years etc.
    It is only a matter of time until he is found out, and then his congregation will certainlty send him on his way. Of course, he claims that it is just a job and his atheism doesn't conflict with it. I don't think his congregants will agree.

  3. its not always easy to stay anonymous on the internet whiel giving out details, but we have no idea if the details he gives out are accurate. it could be he changes things for the purpose of keeping anonymity while still making the point. For example, maybe in real life his contract was renewed for 3 years, but he wrote 5. Maybe he changed some of the details of the sheiloh he wrote about.
    It is tough, and he might slip up, but it can be done.

    While it is interesting to watch, he is headed for trouble, and the disconnect is very real. The job of a rabbi is not just a job and his belief will affect his performance in many ways over time.

    Still, it will be interesting to watch how he deals with situations, if he keeps blogging.


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