Jun 27, 2010


10,000 join Schalit 'Freedom March'

-- -Jpost (and other news media)

1st thought: Doesn't anybody work for a living in this country? 100,000 go out to protest the Supreme Court. 10,000 go out to walk for 11-12 days... and the rest of us who are too lazy to do either of them... doesn't anybody work?

2nd thought: If they were marching on Gaza, I would support them. But because they are marching on Jerusalem I cannot support them. I want Shalit released, but I don't know that the danger of releasing hardened terrorists is worth it. I thank God that it is not my decision to make, but my personal feeling is that putting the pressure on Netanyahu instead of on Hamas is the wrong move, because it will pressure Bibi to release more for Gilad, while pressuring Hamas will cause us to have to release less.


  1. I agree with you. I'm glad it's not my decision. But whatever price tag Hamas places in numbers of terrorists in exchange for Shalit, I think Bibi should turn the offer around. OK, Hamas, so you want us to release 1500 in exchange for Shalit? Tell you what then, release Shalit or we'll kill 1500 of your guys.

  2. But they don't care about 1,500 of their people. They don't even care about 15,000 of them. That's not the point.

  3. You make a good point Rafi, and Ms Glick agrees with you and backs it up with some sound arguments:



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