Jun 16, 2010

Talk about luck...

There is luck and there is luck...

2 lucks, both not so great, in the news the past days..
  1. A woman stabbed her pregnant neighbor and killed her (the baby was saved) over spilled coffee. The woman's name has now been publicized and it is Mazal bar Osher, which can be translated to "Luck the son of Fortune". How ironic.
  2. Some guy choked on a piece of food he was eating. When he was unsuccessful in getting it out, he tried to stick a fork into his throat to try to stab the food and extract it. Sure enough, the fork slipped and went all the way down his throat and lodged into his stomach. After being taken to the hospital, they could not extract it via the mouth, he had to undergo a minor surgery to remove it.


  1. how on earth do you swallow a fork???

  2. I don't get it. The fork in the photo is upside down.

  3. according to the article, that is why they could not pull the fork back out through the throat when they tried.. it was to risky of piercing something on the way out.
    but you are right. he wasnt stabbing at the food, but was tryign to either push the food down with the back of the fork or dislodge it..


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