Jun 28, 2010

Oversight of mobile carrier antennas

This seems like a good development. The Ministry of Environmental Protection is going to actually start monitoring cell antennas radiation levels, and no longer just trust the reports from the cellphone companies.

The ministry is starting to require all antennas be connected to a monitoring system that will give them full access to the stats of each tower and allow them to see when a tower is exceeding the allowed levels of radiation.

This should drastically cut down on the "piracy" of the cell companies. They put antennas all over the place, often without any oversight and even without permits. Then we have situations where all we can do is trust the mobile company's word that the antenna is safe and operating within acceptable standards.

Without oversight, there is no way to know where the antennas are, or whether they actually conform to the standards or not, or whether they get maintained properly or not.

Now all that will change.

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