Jun 20, 2010

A tribute to Tami and the other victims of a bus bombing

I went last night to a siyum a friend was making. He was making the siyum in memory of his sister in law, Orit-Tami Hayla, who was murdered 8 years ago in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Tami was one of 19 victims who died in a bus bombing - the 32a bus line from Gilo that exploded outside of Beit Safafa. The English date was June 18, 2002 and the Hebrew date, the yahrtzeit, is today - 8 Tamuz.

May her memory, and that of all the victims, be blessed..

Orit Hayla HY"D

Tami' was born in Ethiopia in a small village near Gondar. Her Ethiopian name was Alephe' which is a word that means that 'the bad times are behind us'. She was given this name after the family had been through a number of difficult years and things had gotten better.

She made aliyah to Israel in 1985 under 'Operation Moshe' at the age of 3 after traveling by foot for many months through dangerous terrain of Sudan and losing countless members of her family and friends who died on the same journey.

In Israel she was given the name Orit by the Jewish Agency but her close family called her by the name Tami.

She was always a very happy girl, very energetic and loved being with her friends. She always was there to help her family when needed and was always full of optimism. She dreamed of getting married and establishing a family and basically loved life.

Tami 21yrs was murdered in a bus bombing in Jerusalem Jun 18, 2002. She was learning in a midrasha and worked in a store. She was also at the time involved in shiduchim.

We miss her very much.
Eliyahu and Galit Levine

for info on attack

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