Jun 21, 2010

Litzman threatening to leave

Yaakov Litzman is, once again, threatening that UTJ will drop out of the government coalition. This time it is because of the decision against Slonim in Emannuel.

I am not sure what the government has to do with it - it was a legal issue that was dealt with by the Supreme Court. The government does not really have the right to mix in. So I am not sure why he is threatening to punish the government coalition for, nor why he is threatening them.

Last time he made similar threats he backed down, after the Barzilai bones affair. Can Litzman afford to speak so bombastically again, so soon after Barzilai, and back down yet again? Does that mean that this time he will not, he cannot, back down?

And anyways, since when does a UTJ MK threaten with leaving the coalition? They always say we have nothing to do with it, we are messengers of the rabbonim and if they tell us to leave we will, if not not. So why now does he suddenly speak with authority and threats of leaving the coalition? I thought UTJ doesn't do such things...

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