Jun 20, 2010

Neturei Karta prefers Muslim rule

So it turns out that the Neturei Karta does not just want Israeli Jews to live under Muslim rule, but they seem in general to want Jews to be living under Muslim rule.

On Friday the Neturei Karta sent out via their email list a protest statement against Satmar. The NK were protesting, an official m'cha'a, the work Satmar has been doing to transplant the remaining Yemenite Jews in Yemen to England. The statement said that the only true way to save the Yemenite Jews is to help them continue living in their own land, in Yemen, as has been proven by experience.

They attached a document with 8 pages explaining how horrible it is for these people to have been moved to England. To be honest I only read a small portion, a very small portion, of their document of proofs.

It doesn't matter that they fear for their lives in Yemen because of the murder of and attacks on Jews in the past few years. And nobody is forcing them out, but they are looking for this assistance, whether from the Israeli government to relocate to Israel or via Satmar to relocate to the USA and England.

But the Neturei Karta seems to think all Jews, not just Israelis, should be living under Muslim rule and that is what is best for us.

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  1. The Jewish anti-Semites of the haredi world, would rather see Jews be oppressed and murdered than be brought to Israel to live as a free people in their own land. That says it all about the love they have for their fellow Jews, which is lacking compared to the adoration and compassion they show for those who oppress and murder them. In all of NK's work, where is the commandment to love your brother as you love G-d? They curse Israel instead of blessing it! Bilam and Dothan had nothing on them in their hatred of the Jewish nation. And in the days of Haman, they would condemned the Jews for not putting their necks in Haman's gallows.

    The more things change...


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