Jun 29, 2010

Tzitzit Distribution for Pollard and Shalit

As individuals today there is really not much we can do to help either Gilad Shalit or Jonathan Pollard. The most we can do is pray for them, and try to pressure the government in one way or another to work towards their respective releases (and we all know how much that has helped until now).

The Tztitzit Foundation, whatever that is, is starting a tzitzit campaign on behalf of Pollard and Shalit, to try to merit their releases.

Please read the short explanation for the connection between Tzitzit and Redemption for Gilad and Jonathan.

---The Midrash Agadah comments on Numbers 15:39 that the command of Tzitzit is related to Redemption.

"God gave the command of Tzitzit in order that Israel would remember the good that He did for them, when he took them out of Egypt and requited their enemies"

---Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki, great Biblical commentator, explained that the Mitzvah (Command) of Tzitzit is related strongly to redemption.

1. The 4 cornered garment on which the fringes are placed reminds us of the 4 biblical s of redemption. "I will bring you out"; "I will save you"; "I will redeem you"; "I will take you" (Exodus 6:6-7)

2. The 8 strings on each corner of the garment remind us of the 8 days from the beginning of the Exodus until the crossing of the Red Sea!

When each one of us wears the Tzitziot (fringes) we are evoking the merit of our forefathers, who themselves merited redemption. May that merit pass on to Gilad and Jonathan!
If this is something you can participate in, ashrecha. And halevai it should bring more merit and help.

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