Jun 27, 2010

Haredi hessed (video)


  1. it is not "the true face of the hareidim", it is one aspect of hareidi life. an important aspect, one for which everyone should be grateful. but it is not everything.

  2. something doesn't sit right with this PR video....

    (1) "see us Charedim don't discriminate"
    (2) "see us Charedim run lots of chessed projects and have a higher volunteer rate than the rest of you"

    it's also a bit awkward to use footage from human tragedy to glorify others - even if they deserve it.

  3. Ben - I agree

    Shira - I dont know when the video was made, but it was uploaded 2 days ago according to the info on youtube. At a time like this when the haredi community is "under attack" from everywhere, Bagatz, media, etc. and every other day is another attack on their lifestyle, so it is understandable to start a PR campaign even using images they might not normally use (though Hatzolah as an organization probably uses images like that in their fundraising efforts)

  4. yes the whole time I was saying this is fine for fundraising but to toot your horn?

    but see they're arguing a losing battle - when you count the efforts your average Israeli has made to society, as a soldier, a mailman, a nurse, you name it - they'll never catch up. it's like very nice you do some chugim but you don't go to school.

    and if the Charedi view would be more consistent then they could advertise this as setting an example and encouraging others to join. instead I see something like this and say yeah but meanwhile I'm hoping my kids learn from the selflessness and chessed but not the selfish insularity which is simultaneously justified in the Charedi community - and if you count the adults in kollel vs. working which is more prevalent?


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