Jun 23, 2010


If I would think that the Supreme Court justices believed what they were saying, that the school in Emanuel is founded on racial discrimination, I would act differently. But since I have not a doubt that they know the truth, that all their words are founded on lies, it is only a battle between faith and heresy, between the power of holiness and the power of tumah of the sitra achra - a battle that we always knew would erupt in the end of days. And in a battle for kiddush Hashem, even if they would stand us before a firing squad we would not give up and we would not compromise even an inch.

-- Slonimer Rebbe

1 comment:

  1. if there was ever a time that i would want a dislike button for FB, this is it.
    firing squad! rebbe why don't you go all the way and say something like "even if they would stick us into gas ovens like the other nazis".


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