Jun 21, 2010

community leaders speak about why they send their kids to "Mama'd" schools (video)

This seemed interesting.. what do you think about it?


  1. Ask them where they send their children.

  2. I personally know that at least two of the speakers send/sent their children to mamad (one is in the same school with my children). I believe that all of them do.

  3. K, i'm sold. :)

    Seriously, I do agree with a lot of what they say.

  4. For the past few months there has been a very long discussion going on in the National-Religious community about the need to strengthen the MM"D schools. There have been a number of columns in Ynet, NRG, and on the website Srugim, in addition to seminars, etc. This video is probably related to that discussion and atteempt to strengthen the MM"D against what some feel are isolationist tendencies within the National-Religious community

  5. Wouldn't you rather send your kid to a school where "big brother" is watching and telling you how to dress, what you can/can't eat, where you can send your other kids to school, etc?

    I mean I'd much prefer to have my child in a school that will cover up on child abuse, allow the teachers unlimited freedom while limiting my child's future.

    And all of this for a premium price.


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