Dec 15, 2010

Ancient Roman Statue Revealed By Rains

The recent heavy rains were very good for the water situation, at least as an initial burst for the infusion of some much needed water, but was also the cause of a number of tragedies; injuries, flooding, damage to homes and environment, and more.

Sometimes tragedy is just tragedy, and sometimes it is also leads to good.

The rains, among other destruction caused, did some serious damage to an archaeological site in Ashqelon. It damaged pieces that have been found, along with parts of the topography. It also damaged the side of a hill, washing it away completely.

Lo and Behold, when the side of the hill washed away, a 2000 year old Roman statue of a woman, with her head and hands damaged and missing in part, was revealed. This along with many other new items discovered.

I dont know what the significance of the statue is, but uncovering such an ancient piece of history, and whatever else will get pulled out of the ground there, allowing us to study history that much more carefully, in such good condition is fascinating.

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