Dec 21, 2010

Did A Volcano Take Down Sodom and Gemorroh?

Scientists almost discover that Sodom and Gemorroh were destroyed by volcano, and then they don't.

The above incident was really just a by-product of a study going on in the Dead Sea. Scientists are studying minerals at the deepest point. the New York Times has an article on it describing all sorts of science stuff that doesn't interest me, so you can read it there.

As a by-product, they suddenly at a point experienced temperatures much higher than expected, leading them to believe that the area was at one time exposed to volcanic activity. A second reading a bit later showed more normal and expected temperatures, making them give up the idea of Sodom and Gemorroh being felled by a volcano.
There was a momentary hint of another mystery at dawn on a recent Friday, when the scientists on the drilling platform announced that they had just registered a temperature of 104 degrees inside pipes about 1,300 feet down, a finding much higher than expected.

The reading gave rise to thoughts of volcanic activity, right in the area where Sodom and Gomorrah — the biblical cities described in Genesis as having been destroyed by God with fire and brimstone because of their residents’ sins — were believed to have stood.

A later reading, however, showed a lower temperature, within the range that had been anticipated.

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