Dec 26, 2010

Bet Shemesh: The Future Of Israel

Bet Shemesh residents - hold on to your property.

De Marker's weekend magazine had a piece on the up and coming real estate markets in Israel. De Marker is the leading financial paper in Israel. De Marker found the three top locations and called them the thee top cities in Israel's future. Hold on to your hats - the three cities are Yavne, Hadera and Bet Shemesh.

De Marker found that real estate prices in these three cities are still reasonable, they are located near major regions, and with improved train systems to each of them it is easy and quick to get to the center of the country for work purposes.

Despite attempts to drive prices downward so as to help young couple be able to afford apartments, if Bet Shemesh (and the others) really becomes one of the most desirable cities in the country, you can bet your bottom dollar that prices will continue to rise.

Mayor Moshe Abutbol said that the city is planning for the major growth that Bet Shemesh is about to go through. They are planning by building new city infrastructure, hastening the repaving of the main highways - 38 and 10,  growing the Industrial areas at the edges of the city, educational institutions, a huge conference center is being built at an investment of 32 million shekels, attempts to get a hospital built, along with other projects. Abutbol called on the national government to also recognize the awesome growth and recognize the new reality in the area of Bet Shemesh as the city of the future and plan [and fund] accordingly.


  1. If they don't screw it up like everything else here.... Somehow The Marker missed the Beit Shemesh incompetence and Haredi factors (which both work decidedly against us) in their assessment. I remain a skeptic.

  2. A hospital? Would BS get a hospital before Modiin?

  3. Bet Shemesh has been pushing for a hospital for a while. I dont believe it has a chance for a long time, as even Ashdod doesnt have its own hospital and Ashdod is much bigger right now, and they have been fighting for one as well.

    However, if BS continues to grow at its breakneck speed, it very well might get one before Modiin.

  4. Rafi,

    Bet Shemesh has (one of) the fastest growing Charedi populations in Israel. We also have some of the darlings of both Litzman, Sgan Sar HaBriut and Yishai, Sar HaPnim.

    This gives Bet Shemesh an added edge over Modiin.

  5. Shlomo - perhaps, but at the end of the day building a new hospital costs a lot of money and the government is not so quick to take such a move. That is why Bet Shemesh does not have a hospital yet, and that is why Ashdod does not either.

    At the end of the day, bet Shemesh might grow large enough to actually get one, despite Ashdod not having one. Ashdod has been bigger for a long time, but Bet Shemesh will probably shoot right by very quickly. for now though, it is not happening so fast.


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