Dec 20, 2010

Tribute To Rabbi Chaim Shmelczer Of Telz (Telshe) Yeshiva (video)

This video tribute to Rabbi Shmelczer was created for and played at the recent Yovel Dinner, 50th anniversary, of Telshe Chicago. When I learned in Telshe Yeshiva (high school) Rabbi Shmelczer was the dean and was a very special and wise person, and I find it fitting to put the tribute here.

I must say I am amazed that they uploaded it to youtube, and that it concludes lzecher nishmas someone other than Rabbi Shmelczer, but those are the idiosyncrasies of life...


  1. Thanks, interesting.

    Maybe one day you can relate some of your own experiences with Telshe and R. Shmelczer.


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