Dec 20, 2010

Security Search

Yesterday the security forces descended upon a building site in the Belz neighborhood of Bet Shemesh and came out after intensive searches with a number of illegal Arab workers.

It seems, though details are unclear as the actions were kept quiet despite being performed in broad daylight, that after the brutal attack and killing of a tourist and her guide in the forest, the security forces tracked some leads down to a group of illegals, and went looking for them.

  1. It is a shame that it takes an attack and a murder for the security forces to actually do anything about the illegal workers. The illegal Arabs are all over the place. They get caught, when reported for making trouble, and almost immediately released, if they are tracked down at all.
  2. People should realize that that worker you think is great, who always just shows up looking for work at the right moment for a great price, is somebody you should be careful of. Check his papers, see if he is legally allowed to work, or even legally allowed to be in Israel. He could be a terrorist or even just a scout for a terrorist.
  3. The kablanim need to have some sort of responsibility. While I understand they want to hire Arabs because they are cheaper and perform some obs Jewish Israelis supposedly will not do or do not have the expertise for, they should be held accountable to at least be hiring Arab workers who have been approved and granted work permits, and permits to stay overnight if necessary. They think they can get away with it, and they always do, so they hire the illegals and then hide them overnight in the building sites.


  1. I think you are spot on brother but keep in mind there are alot of cheapo anglos who search for Arab labor because "its cheaper." These people have no qualms about spending huge sums fixing up their houses but look to save a few NIS on hiring Arabs. I know Israeli kablanim who lost out on contracts due to this. I mean come on, spend 100,000 NIS or 200,000 NIS and then cry over a cost difference of a mere 2000 NIS or 3000 NIS due to labor ? We all know of people who were robbed a year or 2 years AFTER their sweet Arab workers did work. They had the keys, knew where everything was... Man, some of our own people are just plain foolish.

  2. It's not "a few NIS." It can be up to 20% of the cost, not 2-3% as per your numbers. And 20% can make the difference between whether you can buy the house or not. An NIS 80,000 apt becomes 960,000.

    I'm not justifying using Arab labour, I'm just saying it's not that simple. So don't simplify it by saying it's only a couple of bucks.


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