Dec 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day

A unilateral action by the Palestinians in the international realm...shows each time anew that they are not looking  to peace but to create provocations against Israel..
Israel should respond to such unilateral actions by annexing settled territory in Judea and Samaria.

-- MK Tzipi Hotovely (Likud)


  1. Oy. It is a sad day when obvious common Sense is so ignored and/or reviled that it is refreshing when a politician uses it.

  2. great. another million arabs in the state of israel to contend with.

  3. to anon-

    if I amnot mistaken, when MK Hotovely says - annex 'settled areas' she is referrng specifcally to Jewish places like - Ariel, Gush etc. I do not think she has in mind taking in the arabs of the West bank.

    Please read commnets more carefully before you overreact.

    And now that this point is clarified - she is making alot of sense - in order to avoid another even more horrific expulsion - anneixing Jewish areas would be a great idea. the rest of the west bank will discussed upon the premise that these areas are already part of Israel. Israel should start staking claims at least as much as the arabs to avoid the arabs always having the upper hand.

  4. As an aside - MK Hotovely I think has indirectly made another point in the debate between NU people/Feiglin etc.

    She is not a "feiglinist" but she and MK Danon are clearly Right wingers. They are smack in the middle of the Likud.

    While obviously right wing, people like Danon/Hotovely are not considered political gadflys and kookoos like Feglin and NU people are (as much as I admire them some things they say make me cringe)
    I think that Were more like-minded like Hotovely/Danon people to run in Likud it would change things. So it seems that the most effective way to influence is on the inside like Feiglin - but not being inside but outside - which Feglin is or trying to be. No need to start some new subversive movement which sounds wierd and scary - just straight shooting right wing talk from within the LIkud.


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