Dec 16, 2010

A New Way To Upset Muslims

If you thought you had to draw a caricature of Mohammed, or something about a pig, in order to upset the Muslims around the world, you should know you dont even need to work so hard. Now even simple yodeling offends Muslims...

A fellow in Austria was partaking in the national past-time of yodeling while mowing his lawn. It seems his Muslim neighbor got offended thinking the yodeling was really a way of making fun of the muezzin call to prayer services.

The Muslim neighbor sued the offending yodeler for mocking his religion. The courts fined the yodeler 800 Euros because he "could have tried to offend his neighbors and ridicule their beliefs". (source: INN)

I guess we should be happy that the Muslim took him to court rather than stirring up worldwide riots...


  1. This guy should sue the local mosque next time the muezzin sounds his call, alleging that it's a way of making fun of the local culture.

    If they counter that the muzzein's call is well known and is not connected to yodeling, he could defend this charge by saying that this reasoning wasn't relevant in the reverse case.

  2. Sounds like something's missing in this report, and according to this comment from INN, there is:

    Im very right-wing, but....
    There is more to this story than is being reported. This was a "noise war" that lasted a year. The Muslim stopped his noises at midday, the Austrian persisted. It was not a one-time occurence, but an ongoing noise war. The Muslim also did not sue, but rather called the Police for his neighbor making noise after the Muslim stopped for weeks.
    JudeaSamariaForever, Jerusalem (12/15/10)

  3. David,

    That may be more accurate, but it is less entertaining.


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