Dec 16, 2010

Bush Granddaughter To Marry Jew, Ralph Laurens Son

Jews have never before at any time in history been as desirable as we are today. That is probably why we suddenly have a conversion crisis in Israel. Never before did anybody really want to be Jewish or associated with Jews, whereas today it is either simply not an issue, or there are perceived benefits.

In recent years we have seen children of the cream of American society marry Jews. The latest is the granddaughter of former President George Herbert Walker Bush, Lauren Bush.

Lauren Bush is a fashion model and designer, and is the daughter of Neil Bush, a businessman in Texas and not a politician. Neil Bush was famous for responding to a question by school kids  if he could foresee himself running for president by saying that he would not be running for president but staying in business because if anyone googled his name they would find things he did that would prevent them from voting for him... I like his candor.

Anyway, Lauren Bush is engaged to David Lauren, the son of Ralph Lauren. If the wedding goes through, Lauren Bush's new name will be Lauren Lauren.

The JP reports based on The Jewish Chronicle:
George HW Bush's granddaughter announced she will marry a New Yorker of Jewish descent, reported The Jewish Chronicle on Tuesday.

Lauren Bush is engaged to David Lauren, the son of famous Jewish fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

David Lauren is 13 years older than his fiance and is the executive vice president at Polo Ralph Lauren. The two met in 2004, according to the Chronicle.

The newspaper quipped that Bush, who is a designer and former model, will become Lauren Lauren after the couple is married next year, however, she is not expected to adopt Ralph Lauren's original name, Ralph Reuben Lifshitz.

Bush's marriage announcements comes just six months after Chelsea Clinton married Jewish investment banker Marc Mezvinsky at a ceremony that was presided over by both a rabbi and a Methodist minister.


  1. Pretty soon it's going to become de rigueur for children of ex-presidents to marry Jews :-)

  2. I don't think Ralph is married to a Jew, so unless you;re Reform this one doesn't count. However, all the more reason we need to break the unreasonably stringent demands on people who want to convert, since these chumrahs did not exist for 3,000 years until the Charedim wanted to limit the votes of converts in Israeli elections. All the more reason to reprint my early article on reaching out to interfaith couples.

    1. No! Ricki Lauren is Jewish.

  3. I'm the "anonymous" individual who wrote the above statement. Since that time I found out, somewhat regrettably, that Ricky Lauren's mother was NOT Jewish. Whether or not she grew up with the family considering themselves a Jewish family, or if she considered herself Jewish, or if her children considered the Ralph Lauren family a Jewish family, I do not have the information to answer. The fact that the wedding involved a rabbi to officiate and some Jewish elements in the ceremony, I'm sure, says something about what the Lauren family believes they are. These kind of situation - so prevalent today - become truly "gemischt".... It would be great if the Bush bride at least NOW were to authentically convert to Judaism, such that the children would be considered fully Jewish, but I suppose that's a big, major unlikelihood.

    1. The Bush family are long time WASP. Why would they nwant to become Jewish. Why cannot the Lauren family just accept her for what she is? Accept her as a human being and let the children decide for themselves what faith or culture they want to identify with? She is a beautiful woman.


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