Dec 19, 2010

Rachel The Poetess

The new bills have been decided upon. The Bank  Of Israel decided that it was time to refresh the currency of Israel with new images, images including both statesmen and people of the arts, and a woman.

There was much debate as to who deserved the honor to have his and her images grace the Israeli currency, with many good recommendations.

Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fisher made the final decisions this morning, getting the approval of PM Benjamin Netanyahu and soon to bring his decisions to the government to vote upon.

And the winners are:
Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzchak Rabin who both signed peace treaties with neighboring Arab states, Author Shay Agnon, and Poetess Rachel the Poetess (a.k.a Rachel Bluwstein Sela).

Surprisingly, Rachel the Poetess beat out Naomi Shemer.


  1. B"H

    What about the halacha that one may not look upon the face of a Rasha?

    Many a newspaper, in previous apts., have had various faces ripped or blacked out.

    I wonder what some of these bills circulating will look like, a few months after they begin to appear....


  2. In the US defacing currency is a federal crime. I wonder if there is any similar law here...

    anyway, what do you do with the current currency? are the faces gracing our shekels right now any better than the new ones chosen?


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