Dec 16, 2010

Rav Kanievsky On Zohar

I saw the following letter printed on an ad paper hanging in a shul I was in, so I snapped a photo of it..


  1. Its an advert for a free Zohar set right?

    There is an Admur out your way that distributes free sets of Zohar and tries to get everyone to read them. It is the Admur MeHalmin if I am not mistaken.

    Though if we are not supposed to believe things put out in Rav Kanievsky's name, I am not sure why we should believe this either.

  2. yes, I am familiar with him (Rav Gross). I did not realize this letter was referring to him...

  3. Rafi,

    My assumption was that it was him, mostly because he has taken a lot of flak over the whole Zohar thing lately and numerous Rabbanim have been trying to prop him up.

    I saw a Pashkveil printed on the back of one of those ubiquitous shabbat sheets saying that his Zohar project was a danger to frumkieit and that people should distance themselves from him. I will see if I can get it and send it over to you.

    It was "signed" by a goodly number of Rabbis, some that I have seen in recent months speaking in support of him... so I am guessing that Kanoyim are at it again.


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