Dec 15, 2010

Animated Satire Of A Jew-Arab Discussion In The West Bank (video)

I really dont like this new trend of creating videos that are animated characters talking to each other in digital voices, but this has a couple of funny moments in it..


  1. That's pretty cute that even their software doesn't recognize Palesteen.

  2. Very cute near the end about the PM having a ceremonial role and the President controlling things.

    I think xtranormal is great! It gives bloggers the power of "conversational persuasion" (a phrase I just made up).

    This one is my favorite so far (besides my own).

  3. Personally I prefer the 2 rabbits with the white circle around one eye, standing in the garden. Yaak, thanks for the referral to the Mosque, NY, Israel, National Security one. And by the way, I liked how yours talked about the Moshi-Yaak.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I also am not a big fan of the trend but I decided to do it anyhow. And I also like the rabbits better, maybe next time(and maybe not). Stay Tuned...

  5. Moshi-Yaak - :-)

    You try to get these guys to pronounce a "ח"!


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