Dec 15, 2010

A New Solution To The Sudanese Refugee Problem

Human rights activists in Israel, who are generally found mostly among the left-wing elite of society, have been fighting on behaf of the Sudanese refugees, that they should be allowed to stay in Israel, that they should not be discriminated against and neighborhoods should not be able to ban them from living within (despite the damage they cause to neighborhoods in the sense of changing the style, crime levels, importing negative influences in some instances, etc.

The right-wing, those opposed to allowing the Sudanese to stay in Israel long term, and those who want to limit where they can live for the duration of the time they are allowed to stay in Israel, have been mostly ineffective at fighting the battle. This is true not just of this specific issue, but most issues that revolve around public opinion the left seems to get a serious upper hand by their influence of the media.

As mentioned, every time anybody who opposes speaks up, he is painted as a racist. The perception of that has only gotten stronger the longer this debate has gone on, and the right seems to not have been able to find a good point to stand on.

Finally, people are thinking out of the box and coming up with solutions. The solution proposed will put the human rights activists on the spot.

MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari has come up with a great solution. Actually, many of us simple people have thought of this many times over, but Ben-Ari is finally making it official and bringing it up to form an official opinion.

Ben-Ari's great solution, called "Ramat Aviv First", is promoting a program to house the Sudanese refugees to housing in the higher-end neighborhoods, such as Ramat Aviv among others, and direct resources to pay for their housing and to help them with their humanitarian needs.

As Ben-Ari says, it is time to put your words into action. You are so concerned with their rights and their needs for housing, so disturbed by those who do not want them as neighbors, so let's see what happens when they are your neighbors. Let's see how you accept them to live among you. It is easy to be so accepting of them when they are living in places you never see, what about when they are living next door?

For a small amount of money, Be-Ari says, we will be able to establish a small but permanent housing solution. For 60,000 NIS they can put up abut 150 Sudanese refugees in apartments, each 4 room apartment being about 6000NIS per month with the ability to house about 15 Sudanese, under better conditions than those they are currently living in in their low-end housing solutions in the poor neighborhoods.

Now we have to see how they will respond and accept the refugees to their neighborhood..

The truth is that it is sad that the refugees are the ones suffering through this, but Israel is not the place for them. We can help them out temporarily, but they need to move on after they get stabilized a bit.

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