Dec 20, 2010

Wikileaks On Spielberg

While most of the revelations in the Wikileaks documents have been about diplomacy and chitchat between diplomats secretly calling each other names, they found an interesting tidbit yesterday that was not between diplomats.

The revelation is that in 2006 The Arab League Central Boycott Office (amazing that they have an office dedicated to managing their bans) decided to blacklist Steven Spielberg. They did so because of a donation he made to Israel. They decided to ban his films and other promotional products, according to The Guardian.

Spielberg was in good company, as they also blacklisted Estee Lauder, the cosmetic company. That meant no more makeup under the burqas! I guess they realized that anyway it was a waste of money to be buying makeup for women who cover themselves with burqas...

One more thing, if you read the article in The Guardian, you will see they still have not gotten over the movie of Indiana Jones and The Raiders Of the Lost Ark, as they say Arabs were depicted ludicrously and based on stereotypes.

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