Dec 19, 2010


It hurts me. I see the distress. I want to say that since it is talking about 5 years I hope that in 5 years there will be a different government that will understand the distress and the Torah world.
Taxes and water prices are being raised, and what can you already buy with 1000 shekels? Pharoah decreed only on the males, and they decree against everybody.
From my salary alone they have cut 100,000 shekels this year. That money should go only to them? To install metal detectors and cameras in their schools against knife fights? We don't pay taxes? We are supporting them!

 --- MK Menachem Moses (UTJ)


  1. There is too much here to comment on, so I am not even going to get started.

  2. What do CHaredi pols and arab pols have in common?

    good grief.

  3. Chareidim may not be a cancer on society, but given the way that those who claim to represent them speak, I understand why people think that they are.


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