Dec 22, 2010

New Kollel On Har HaBayit

Despite the difficult times, fighting over budgets, private donations decreasing, kollels struggling to get by, a new kollel has opened its doors. Not just opened, but very quickly it even doubled the stipend it was offering to participating kollel members.

The kollel is the the new haredi kollel for learning mishnayos on Har HaBayis, headed by Rav Yosef Elboim, a Belzer hassid and one of the most active people around in promoting the aliya l'har.

Rav Elboim started the kollel offering 50 NIS per day for learning mishnayos. The police made it difficult, realizing the groups intentions, and does not let them up. Because of the additional challenges, Rav Elboim upped his stipend to 100 NIS per day in order to encourage more people to participate.

Starting a kollel in today's financial climate is crazy enough. Starting one with the express purpose of getting people onto Har Habyit - completely out of the box. I hope it works.


  1. He should go on the news and publically thank the Police for their cooperating in the day-to-day operation of this Kollel. That will put them in a position in which they will have to publically deny that they allow Torah learning on Har Habayit.

    Most Israelis would probably be opposed to this position of the Police, but are not aware of it. This would force the Police to publicize it themselves.

  2. I have rav elboims phone number. if you are asking seriously, write to me offline and I can find out...

    israeli.jew at gmail dot com


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