Dec 26, 2010

More Racism

I have decided, as I have mentioned before, that we are a completely racist society, even if people only care about everyone else's racism. Sure, there are individuals who are not racists, but overall we are mostly racist.

There is the general racism we all know about that has been in the media a lot recently - secular not letting religious live in their neighborhoods, religious not letting secular live in their neighborhoods, Jews not letting Arabs.., Everyone (religious and secular) against the Sudanese refugees and Illegals, etc..

There is also the racism that you will usually not here about in the media as it is hardly mentioned, if at all, and when mentioned it is downplayed and the story passes quickly. While Israel is being called racist because it is trying to find a solution to the Sudanese problem, and the way some people relate to Arabs and Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas the other day dropped a bombshell that seemed to have passed almost unnoticed. Nobody seems to care that he said that in a future Palestinian state no Israelis would be allowed. "We won't agree to the presence of one Israeli in it" he said.

I wonder what would the reaction be if Israel announced that No Arabs, or at least no Palestinians, will be allowed any longer in Israel. I could even go with No Arabs because almost none of the other Arab countries let Israelis (or Jews for the most part) in. Maybe Egyptians and Jordanians can come visit, as we have peace with them and they usually let Jews in for short visits.

Nobody cares though, because only Arabs can't be victims of racism.


  1. I wish I could say I'm surprised. Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of behavior which the media, and, indeed, the American government, choose to ignore. That's why I find it difficult to take the "peace process" seriously. How are we supposed to broker peace with movement which would much rather wipe us off the map - from the Jordan to the sea?

    Just another reason why we need Moshiach...

  2. Not that i'm in any way looking to defend Abbas, but I'm not sure that this statement was meant in the way most headlines are implying. There's more than enough misinformation thrown our way that we should be sensitive not behave in the same way.

    It seems that when he said "no Israeli presence" he was referring the IDF.

    From the Jpost story:

    He was commenting on unconfirmed reports suggesting that the PA leadership might agree to the presence of the IDF in the West Bank after the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    That's not exactly the same thing as him saying that no Jews or no Israelis will be allowed to live there.

    Again, I believe that the PA has a law on its books saying that Jews can't own land. So there's no reason to pat him on the back. Just that we shouldn't try to maintain intellectual honesty.

  3. That racist comment didn't pass me by; just a little late in posting: Who's Discriminating Now?


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