Dec 26, 2010

The Modern Day Blood Libel

Last week a Palestinian shepherd lost a bunch of sheep from his flock when they went up in flames. Not with the spontaneous combustion that Dave Barry used to write about so frequently, but he blamed it on a group of settlers having set the fire that burned 17 of his sheep alive.

The leftist organizations immediately jumped on the poor shepherd's story and lambasted Israel through the international media for allowing the settlers to continue destroying the lives of the poor Palestinians while terrorizing their fields, their flock and their olive trees.

Some questions arose during the questioning, as the shepherd changed his story a couple of times regarding who burned the sheep.  According to Srugim, when he was taken for questioning to continue the investigation, he ended up admitting that he had done it himself by mistake. He was burning weeds in his field when the fire got out of control. When his sheep caught flame, he decided to rectify the situation by blaming it on the settlers. The leftists immediately jumped to blame the Israelis without even bothering to check what actually happened.

Unfortunately corrections never make headlines, Only the initial accusations do. Well, at least the shepherd must have had a good lamb shwarma for lunch that day before he went on his blood libel.


  1. I love it that Dave Barry can be brought to bear in a serious discussion of Middle East politics.

  2. I couldnt resist. As I was writing I remembered Barry's spontaneous combustion and just could not resist adding it to the post.


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