Dec 28, 2010

Archaeologist Vendyl Jones Has Died

The death of the inspiration for Indiana Jones deserves a mention here.

Archaeologist Vendyl Jones, a Noahide, died at the age of 80. Jones was famous for his search for Temple artifacts, most notoriously the Aron Kodesh, the Ark of the Covenant.

In addition he had discovered a large stock of incense that had been used in the Temple, as well as the shemen hamishcha, the annointing oil.

Jones was a great friend of Israel and the Jews, and many of his children and grandchildren have converted to Judaism.


  1. He served in the six day war as a tank spotter because of his type of color blindness. His desire was to be buried in Israel and his widow is trying to make that happen. He is a dual citizen. Any ideas on help for that to happen.????

  2. why do they need help making it happen? Is Israel not allowing it? why not?

    his family can probably contact Rabbi Yoel Schwartz to help make it happen, but they probably know that already. Rabbi Schwartz is very involved with the Noahide community.


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