May 18, 2011

80 Years Of History Off the Walls of Jerusalem

Yoelish Krausze, sometimes known as the kambatz, operations officer, of the Eida Charedis, has been collecting copies of every pashkevil that has gone up on the walls of Jerusalem in the past 80 years.

Israel's newest multi-thousandaire
As an aside, someone once said that it is the glue of all the pashkevils that holds up the walls of Mea Shearim.

80 years worth of pashkevils is an amazing collection, and can paint a picture of a certain aspect of jerusalem's history.

Through various means, Krausze and the National Library in Jerusalem have come to an agreement in which Krausze will transfer the pashkevils, or at least a large percentage of them, to the library in exchange for $120,000. (source: Kikar)

Whoever would have thought that some pashkevils would ever be worth so much? Amazing!

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