May 24, 2011

New Site For Tehillim For Gilad Shalit

My uncle's website, cholimlist, has been featured on Arutz7 (INN), specifically in regards to the Gilad Shalit Worldwide Tehillim Project he has running there.

The Gilad Shalit Worldwide Tehillim Project is a group signed up to say tehillim every day until Gilad Shalit is released from captivity. You can join at any point, stop at any point, sign up for as many chapters as you want.

As far as the general cholimlist tehillim site, if you know someone sick, you can create your own ring of tehillim sayers, have people sign up, email updates to the participants, let people know when they can stop, etc.

INN writes:
A new website for reciting Tehillim (Psalms} for sick people features a section for prayers on behalf of kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit, while Hamas renews rumors on new talks for his release.

The website was put together by Barry Kupfer, who initiated the Gilad Schalit Worldwide Tehillim Project as part of his site that tracks the names of sick people for whom prayers are said for their recovery. The site also lets users know when to stop saying Tehillim, and lets synagogues create their own lists with their members being able to keep the records up to date.

Schalit was kidnapped by terrorists from the Army of Islam, the Popular Resistance Committees and Hamas in June 2006 during a deadly attack on an IDF checkpoint near Gaza, in which two soldiers were killed.

“The idea is that all of Tehillim should be recited every day until he is released,” according to Kupfer. “Users will need to register to the site and then can select an open section to recite. They can resign at any time. They will also get an email after 30 days asking them to confirm their participation.”

The new project comes as Hamas winds up the rumor clinic again with reports that it is resuming negotiations with a mediator and that Israel has agreed to free 20 terrorists “with blood on their hands” in return for Schalit. The soldier’s physical and psychological conditions are not known, and Hamas continues to defy the Geneva Convention by refusing visits by representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and communication with his family.

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  1. I'd pray this his parents get some common sense and stop their extreme Left line that Bibi should free murdering terrorists, the more the better.
    Let them move the protest tent to the IRC offices.


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