May 26, 2011

The Dealer Who Sent The Three Boys To Japan Goes Free This Week

While we have received occasional updates about the status of the three boys arrested for smuggling drugs into Japan, along with frequent collections appeals on their behalf, I don't remember seeing updates regarding the drug dealer menuval who took advantage of them and sent them off to Japan carrying drugs.

The three boys in a Japanese jail: One boy was serving his sentence, eventually was transferred to serve the remainder of his time in a prison in Israel. He was eventually pardoned and has been released. One boy just had his appeal in Japan rejected, and he will be serving i think 3 more years in prison in Japan. The third boy is waiting for his appeal to be heard.

Benzion Miller, the drug peddler
The drug dealer: His name is BenZion Miller and he was arrested. He served some time under hosue arrest, and then when his case came to trial he was sentenced to three years in prison. Bechadrei is reporting that this week Miller is being released from prison. His release was approved based on his good conduct. Of the three year sentence he served a year under house arrest, 8 months in actual prison, and one full year was deducted for good behavior. Upon his release, Miller plans to move to a different city and get a new start on life. (source: Bechadrei)

Needless to say, the families of the three boys are pretty upset that he is being released while the boys (2 of them at least) still sit in jail.


  1. I hope he has shaven off his peyot and done major teshuva!!!

  2. Disgraceful - nothing else to say

  3. Just plain injustice. Sometimes I think everyone in leadership roles are crooked.

  4. This is obviously an anti-charedi plot.

  5. He should have gotten the death penalty. (I know we don't have one, but one can only wonder how many deaths he's been responsible for with his drug dealing.)

    The parents of those kids should hunt him down like the vermin he is.

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  7. Punky BrewsterMay 29, 2011 7:39 AM

    I bet that guy eats only badatz hashgochos and rides mehadrin buses.

    What a holy man!

  8. The parents of those kids should hunt him down like the vermin he is.

    The parents of the kids he's selling the junk to should be the ones hunting him down.

    I grew up in Brooklyn, and when someone was harming the children in any way, the baalbatim generally "took care of it". Quietly, of course.


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