May 10, 2011

Stephen Colbert: Hasidic Newspaper Removes Hillary Clinton (video)

Stephen Colbert on the Hasidic Newspaper that removed Hillary Clinton from the photo


  1. How about "Der Mishpacha Magazine"? One of many examples: An issue of some months back included a wide shot of the U.S. Congress which blurred the faces of every woman in the photo. (Granted, at least they didn't show empty seats!)

    Normally this isn't a problem though, since Mishpacha only prints photos of men.

    I don't blame Mishpacha - I'm sure they'd be "normal" if they could. They just have editorial pressure to meet the communal "demand".

    That's the problem - that women-free publications have become the "frum standard".

    Yes, I do think it's laudable not to print suggestive photos of women, but to never, ever show any woman, even if she's a 90-year-old tzadekes, is slightly "Talibanesque"!

  2. I wouldn't want that evil, Suha Arafat-kissing, cow in my newspaper either.

    Who cares if they did it for the right reasons or the wrong reasons?

    If she takes it as a slight, whether she has anyone to explain the cultural implications or not, all the better.

    Another issue, funny how this community is one of the communities in exile which advocates that Jews both inside and outside of Israel not provoke the goyim through "extremist acts."

    Like most Jewish communities these days, I suppose they make their own rules.


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