May 25, 2011

The New Cola Wars: SodaStream vs. Regular Soda Pop With Jim Cramer (video)

I am a big fan of SodaStream, and I think you would enjoy the following item...

Jim Cramer, the financials and investment advisor guy with the tv show, is a big fan of SodaStream.

Herb Greenberg is not a fan of SodaStream.

CNBC's Jim Cramer and Herb Greenberg took the Sodastream vs. regular soda taste-test challenge, and at least one of them is surprised at the winner.

Take a look at the video of the SodaStream vs. Regular Soda taste Test:

Now that you watched it, I think this is a great indicator, it's not a scientific study so I cannot say proof, of how surprisingly good SodaStream is.

And I almost forgot to mention - SodaStream is an Israeli company...


  1. I tasted Sodastream once. Root beer. Didn't like it.

  2. i have liked dr. pete, ginger ale, lemon lime, raspberry and lemonade. I just looked now and see they have so many more flavors than they used to, though i know not all the flavors are available for purchase in Israel


    we love bibi

  4. Cramer was obviously backtracking on his endorsement of saying "buy the product not the stock". I think he got backlash from his Obama friends after the latest presidential gaff on Israel..and more than likely Coke and Pepsi didn't appreciate the endorsement of a very real threat. Just remember the bump was because of THE REVENUE NUMBERS, not the taste but that spoke for itself in the taste test(see video). I'm buying both...the product and the stock!


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