May 10, 2011

A Unique And Original Anti-Zionist Protest

I was really planning on completely ignoring the anti-Zionist protests, be it from the Neturei karta people, Eida people, or others. I have found that their actions are set on automatic, and the media, and our, reactions to them are set on automatic. Their protests are basically not a story, as the same thing happens time and again - Yom Ha'Atzmaut (or any other Zionist event) comes along, they protest, burn and deface flags, publicly walk through sirens, the media videos them, the journalists write articles condemning them and all haredim, yada yada yada. Yawn. This has been happening for years, is totally predictable, and is boring. Yawn.

That was my plan at least. Then the crazies of Mea Shearim, those thugs who call themselves the "sikrikim" who break windows of bookstores, throw bleach at people in clothing stores, attack people they dont approve of walking through Mea Shearim, did something different and interesting. Even though it is appalling, I have to be honest and say I laughed despite my revulsion.

Ladaat is reporting that at a protest in Mea Shearim, these sikrikim took a flag into a turkey coop and, stuck anti-Zionist stickers to the turkeys, and allowed the turkeys to walk all over the flags and deface them.
The turkey is a "Jew, not a Zionist"? I wonder what makes a turkey Jewish..

I wonder if this is considered inhumane treatment of animals


It is amazing how they are so much like immature little children crying out for attention, as we say in hebrew "Tzumi"...


  1. Well then, maybe an "adult" needs to give them a spanking!

  2. It's events like this that make me rethink making aliyah.

  3. rethink making aliyah because of this? there are so few of them they are easily ignored. I only posted about them because their protest is so funny this time.

    As my brother told me, even in the US you will find various minority groups protesting every event. Even on Columbus Day there are people upset about the celebrations and protest as well.

  4. These guys are the Westboro Baptist church of Israel. Is a few wack jobs who long ago figured out that if they were not offensive on a regular basis no one would know or care that they exist.

    Really Israel is a great place to live!


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