May 12, 2011

Obama Promises To Work To Release Pollard

Obama promises to work toward Jonathan Pollard's release. Not President Barak Obama, but his half-brother who is Jewish.

Obama's father was married to a Jewish woman and they had a son named Mark Obama Ndesandjo. Mark Obama lives in China and runs an Internet company. Last week he came to Israel on a private visit.

While in Israel Mark Obama met with Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger who urged him to work on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. Obama promised to make an effort on his behalf. (source: JPost)

You never know from where the divine intervention will come and who will be His messenger...


  1. Hate to break your heart but there is no way President Obama is going to release Pollard.

    Americans DO NOT like spies, especially those who infiltrate the military (regardless of what information was exchanged).

    Releasing him would stain his legacy, as well as any other politician as they would be accused of being a traitor.

    Has America freed spies before? Yes, but only as part of exchanges for pro-American spies caught in other countries and in a few (rare) cases to appease an ally (although those deals are done in secret).

    Pollard is too well known in the US, so he will spend the rest of his days in jail. If he were unknown to the American public, he would have been freed already (albeit in secret).

  2. If they do release him, have a sniper standing by, and then they can have him. We live in a country full of traitors, & whores for AIPAC, and whatever lobby will pay the most.


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